Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My nephew Alwi.

My weekend plans would usually go out the window if my little nephew Alwi comes to visit. He's a gem that boy. Soooo cute. Going to be two this July. He talks in his own language. Some we could understand, but most of the time we don't but its so adorable because he talks like we can understand him so we pretend we do.

Azalia wants to play with him. But she's not so gentle and impatient. She would ask him to play and when he doesn't play the way she wants him to, she gets angry.

So last weekend, when she was beginning to get impatient I whisked her away and had a good talk with her

Me: You've always wanted a sister or a brother right?

Azalia: Yesss

Me: Than you have to learn to play with little kids. Allah likes it when you are good with little kids like Alwi, so if you learn to play with him well than maybe Allah will grant our doa for an adik for you. Ok?

Azalia: OK.. fine...

And lo and behold she played nicely with him. I could see that when she's frustrated she stopped herself, walk away and then went back to playing with him. I wonder how long this will last. I'm sure I have to remind her again and again but yeah.. I'm glad she listened.

That boy is so cute I tell you. Anytime anyone drops anything he would say with all seriousness, " Ya Allah". He calls Azalia, "Aiyaaa" and follows her everywhere.

They played 'house' and I could hear Azalia telling Alwi,

"Alwi..awak duduk dlm. Jangan keluar2. Faham!!. Awak adik, saya kakak Ok!

and Alwi replied

" Cak..cak... (playing peekabo at the door) etetetemepeme Aiyaaaa"

and Azalia says

"Alwi!!!!!! mari sini!!!!"

OMG she sounds exactly like me!!!!!


p.s: Bought myself the book "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" for Mother's Day. Need it for guidance and assurance that I'm on the right track. I would say so far the advices given are practical and in need of a lot of patience. And its ok to lose it once in awhile. Mothers are human too.

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