Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pants on the floor!!!!

Today Azalia ran after Adam and her pants fell down.(the pants were loose because I couldn't be bothered to buy a belt and thought she would fill it up soon but apparently my child is not a big eater and it would be awhile before she fills those pants up.. sigh)

What did she do?? She continued running and shouting "Adam, Adam". And when I finally pulled her pants up and she continues running while holding on to her pants at the back...

My mom couldn't stop laughing and singing William Hung's "Pants on the ground" which coincidentally was on American Idol a few nights back.

Should have had my camera with me.

p.s: Azalia now refers to American Idol as Idol, Glee as geli, The Oprah Winfrey Show as Opwah and The Suze Orman show as suze omen. This is the result of the tug-0-tv-war she has with my mom to watch playhouseDisney in my mom's room.

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