Monday, May 24, 2010

Of persistence and manipulation

An example of my daughter's persistence

Alia: Mak nak colour book ape?

Me: Mak tak nak colour lah.

Alia: Mak nak colour book ape?

Me: Alia pilih lah

Alia: MAK NAK COLOUR BOOK APE!!!???!! (Yes tone voice sudah tinggi)

Me: Tom & Jerry lah

Alia: (cheerfully and voice back to normal) Mak nak Tom & Jerry? Ini ke? Ok. Jom jom colour.

She has also mastered the art of manipulation, example:

Azalia found a bunch of cartoon pegs that I bought ages ago for some projects I had in mind and I was hiding it from her

Alia: Mak ni ape?

Me: Tu mak punya tu jangan kacau. Simpan balik.

Alia: Mak ni Alia punya ke?

Me: Mak punya. simpan simpan.

Alia: Oooo Mak punya?? Alia tengok boleh tak??

Me: Simpan. Tak yah tengok.

Alia: Alia nak tengoklah.. boleh lah.. pweassseee (mata kelip2.. ) cantiklah.

Me: Tengok kejap je. lepas tu simpan.

Alia: Ooooo cantiklah. Mak ni Alia punya kan. Mak beli untuk Alia kan. Thank you Mak. Alia saaayyyaaannngg Mak.

Me: Eh!!! Mane de.

Alia: Iye lah. Mak beli untuk Alia. Thank you. (went off with the pegs in her hand and kept it along with her other toys)



  1. I know you told me about this before. But still.


    Especially the manipulation part. She is so hebaaaaattttttttt *standing ovation*

  2. wow wanis! alia had mastered the 'art of manipulation'. pandai nyeeee....hehehehehe

  3. adoiiiiiiiiii >.<